Athlete evaluations for our competition teams, born between 2006 and 2010, will take place during the month of October.

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FC Laval.png

Matchday Saturday September 24   
FC Laval PLSQM vs AS Blainville 7:00PM Blainville 1 

Matchday Sunday September 25  
   FC Laval-R PLSQR vs AS Blainville-R 6:00PM Blainville 1

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AS Blainville.png

Standings by division

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“Soccer is important in my life because it brings me a lot of joy and helps me work on my team spirit and self-confidence. For me, soccer brings out the best version of myself. By playing this sport, it also allows me to express myself other than with words! This allows me to make new friends while practicing my favorite sport. »

Noémie-Rose Therrien, 11 years old.

Soccer is for EVERYONE!


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