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FC Laval assigns all recreational and A level matches (except senior). Senior A matches and everything AA are assigned by the ARSL. The AAA and PLSQ games are assigned by Soccer Québec.


The assignment is made according to the availability of the arbitrators with the PTS-REF platform linked below.


It is the responsibility of the referee to enter their availabilities every week. This system facilitates the work of the assignor.


Officials must select their availability before the Monday prior to the week of assignment. Then, the assignor will have until the following Wednesday at noon, to view the assignments. 


Since assignments are managed on a weekly basis, referees have an obligation to accept their matches. It is their responsibility to find a replacement, if necessary. Obviously, the assignor must authorize the change.


The person in charge of assigning will, as much as possible, assign all the referees of the club fairly according to their competence. Referees may indicate the soccer field(s) closest to home to facilitate commute. 


The referee must, at all times, ensure that his PTS-REF account is up to date. Both in terms of availability and personal information. 


FC Laval expects referees to be available on weekday evenings from Monday to Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. There are also matches during the day on Saturday. The reference is for the summer season.

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