Our goal is to see our players and our teams develop within the club and achieve all their collective or personal goals. The FC LAVAL Club has a responsibility to provide all possible sporting, educational and social opportunities for our teams and athletes, at the same time becoming good players, good athletes and good people.

The child who begins soccer at FC LAVAL Club is welcomed into one of our teams , regardless of age or gender. They can choose the number of sessions they want according to the options of their age group and can join an optional program if they show the motivation.

The number of sessions per age group respects the current reform. Thus, once the reception is completed, several other elements will be taken into account to promote the development of the players.

The progressive development of the players is fundamental throughout his career.

The 5 Essentials approach will put the player at the center of development and as the player matures they will move through different stages of their development related to LTPD.


“Canada Soccer believes that every player deserves the best soccer experience possible. Whether they're dreaming of being a part of Canada's national team or just having fun with their friends, taking the right approach to the game when the kids are young sets the stage for a life of fun. The course is built around the principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD). "

“The Soccer Canada club recognition program supported by Soccer Quebec will give new impetus to the search for quality in all clubs. But definitely a major and lasting change if we (collectively) focus on the essential: BASIC SOCCER! "

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The FC LAVAL Club currently follows the player paths described by the CSA (DLTJ) and the FQS and is committed to building its programs around these paths. The club believes that young people of all ages and all aspirations want to play soccer at any level of learning, with the goal of encouraging lifelong participation in the sport.

In other words, our technical plan is designed to provide players with the optimal soccer experience at every stage of development and putting their athletic development needs first.

  • Grassroots soccer (Club development center) for U4 to U12

  • Juvenile for U13 and over

  • Quebec Elite Soccer League

  • Quebec Premier League 

  • Goalkeeper Academy 


The goal of the CDC program is first and foremost to ensure that children develop their emotional and social state so that they can develop their optimal athletic potential in a healthy, safe and supportive environment. We want to showcase their athletic abilities in order to pursue and achieve their sporting dream. The creation of the CDC will allow us to provide better service to our young people aged 4 to 12 because we will have better control of the environment, both physical and of the quality of our educators.

Our CDC program offers a complete structure:

  • knowledge development, flexible training of players without pressure to win a match.

  • Our main objective is to provide a practice of harmonious development with respect for the human being.

  • Through the CDC, parent volunteers will be in contact with accredited professionals and will be able to better support their introduction as a staff-team or even as an educator while being a privileged witness of their child's sports development.

  • This is a creative project where collaboration between different stakeholders is strongly encouraged. 

Juvenile for U13 and over

This program is aimed at children aged between 13 and 18 years old during the current year playing in the competitive level A and AA and recreational. 

Train to train

  1. Completing technical development against each other (atomic tactics);

  2. Understand and apply a training and game plan; Introducing defensive, offensive and transition basics at age 13. The player must

  3. The teams are divided into sub-working groups according to identified skills; tactically, learning positions and associated roles;

  4. Introduction of physical preparation training according to the needs of the cohort and can involve work by skill as needed;

  5. Presence of tests and team reports that can be used for the distribution of sub-groups or for matches as well as in injury prevention (sports science plan);

  6. Preserve, know and protect the long-term interests of the player;

Quebec Elite Soccer League LSEQ

For athletes who have advanced skills specific to the sport, working to acquire maturity in a match situation by learning to use these skills in various game situations.


  1. Clarify the work to be done and the efforts to be made to reach the next level;

  2. Developing an athletic lifestyle and maintaining a goal-oriented mindset (mental preparation routine added to nutrition and the sound management of physical efforts and injuries);

  3. Maximize tactical development and reaction speed as well as physical preparation;

  4. Present game situations in the training of good challenges;

Quebec Premier League PLSQ

The Première Ligue de soccer du Québec (PLSQ) is a semi-professional soccer league created in 2012 and organized by the Quebec Soccer Federation, which operates at the third tier of the Canadian soccer pyramid.[1] The Canadian Soccer Association relies on provincial soccer organizations to sanction regional leagues at the tier 3 level. The men's division is below the Canadian Premier League (CPL) (Division I), and equal to League1 Ontario (L1O) (Division III). The PLSQ women's division is behind the U.S.-based National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) (Division I). 


This program targets all goalies between the ages of 9 and 18 who are playing competitively. For U9-U12 goalies, the club goalkeeper coach will work with his last ones during their CDC session. For U13 to U18, the goalkeeper coach will work with them during their technical sessions. The program lasts for a 14 week session. This program allows our young goalkeepers to develop while mastering goalkeeping techniques. Several goalkeepers were able to break into the Laval regional team.