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Club Development Center (CDC)


Matches will start on the week of June 2nd

The Canada Soccer Grassroots Standards have been designed to create the best possible learning and development environment for all young players in Canada. The Grassroots Standards are based on global best practice while taking into account the realities of Canadian soccer. It is our responsibility to ensure that all of our children are able to enjoy soccer in a safe, fun, accessible, inclusive and developmentally appropriate environment.

Canada Soccer recommends a "workshop" approach to training. Players move from one skill-building activity to another at regular intervals. The time devoted to each activity varies according to the age of the player. Each training session is organized around many activity workshops. Putting these training "pillars" into practice at every session will help develop well-balanced young players with a foundation of physical know-how, great soccer skills and, ideally, an undying love of the game. Players are monitored on the pitch by our technical team and evaluated according to criteria that encompass all aspects of the player. 

**It is important to note that the schedule might change without notice for operational & administrative reasons that could be beyond our control.**
*Please note that any practices cancelled due to bad weather will not be rescheduled nor reimbursed

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