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Stage 1

The first training is given by Soccer Québec. Aspiring referees will participate for a weekend in a workshop where they will be introduced to the FIFA Laws of the Game. (Include the FIFA Laws of the Game 2020-2021 hyperlink) During this training, there will be a theoretical component and a practical component in the gymnasium. Future referees will have to carry sports linen with them. Normally, the face-to-face session is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in a Laval school. In the previous week, the training, the selected candidates will have to answer a questionnaire on the Laws of the game by internet. This internship must absolutely be successful to be able to become a referee. 


Stage 2

The second team is with the Laval Regional Soccer Association (ARSL) and FC Laval. It is an exclusively practical internship. We will be on a soccer field to put into practice different aspects of the referee's work. Whether it's running techniques, verbal and visual communication, the handling of the flag and the use of the whistle: everything will be taught to you so that you are ready for your first game. The training period is 4 hours and it is in May. This training is mandatory for refereeing. 


Stage 3


The third formation is with FC Laval. You will have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. You will referee your first match! You won't be alone on the soccer field. You will be accompanied by an experienced referee who will race with you. The plan is to put yourself in a match situation. We will show you what to do before the game (what to do when you arrive 30 minutes before the game), during the game and after the game. The experienced referee will be with you throughout this half day. There will be a series of exhibition matches to familiarize you with your new job. Whether as an arbitrator or as an assistant referee. We will make sure that you are comfortable for your first match, alone.

New Referees

In May, there will be a training day exclusively for these referees. In theoretical mode, there will be a refresh on the Laws of the Game.


These referees will be in their first experience as a referee in the center for soccer matches at 9 and 11. The work will be different for them in their second year.


The practical portion, on the soccer field, will allow them to optimize teamwork. In addition, to understand where they must position themselves on the playing field according to certain situations.


Eventually, they will work during the season with rookie referees as assistant referees. We will give them advice on how to work effectively with them. You have to know how to communicate well with these new referees and to be able to allow them to gain confidence.

2nd Year

At this level, we must assume that these officials are able to increase their level of arbitration. In one day, there will be a theoretical and practical portion for training.


In class, we will rediscover the book of the Laws of the Game. We will discuss some Laws to facilitate their understanding. They will be able to better exploit it on the field.


They will also have to complete an exam on the Laws of the Game. The level of difficulty will be high. This test will put their knowledge to the test. Teamwork will be in the classroom. 


They will also have the opportunity to watch one of our referee's soccer game. The officials have a microphone during the game and we will be able to hear their conversations. They will have to evaluate their pairs.


In the practical format, we will study, on the soccer field, specific situations of their level. We want to make sure they understand that certain positions on the ground are essential for different types of interventions. 


We want to facilitate communication between referees with different exercises. They will have the necessary tools to apply the advice given. Example: What to do during a mass confrontation.

3rd Year +
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