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FC Laval's refereeing sector participates in several tournaments with their referees. We go to Victoriaville, Laval, Boisbriand, Repentigny, Granby, Deux-Montagnes, Brossard...


These events are the best development we have in place for the club's referees. At all matches, officials are evaluated. This means that they can quickly put the advice of the evaluators into practice. 


In tournaments, matches always have a higher level of intensity. These matches allow referees to learn faster. They are able to understand specific aspects of arbitration, such as communication, that it is paramount. 


The days are busy. Most of the time, matches start at 8:00 in the morning and end at sunset. There is a social feeling that is created between the referees. This solidifies their bond between them and promotes teamwork.


Their work is scrutinized. Whether it's punctuality, energy and time management, they need to work together. This ensures the smooth running of the matches and the day.


One of the big advantages of these tournament formations is the instant impact on the referees. The positive consequence: we have better referees. In addition, the effects after the tournament should not be overlooked.


When we return to our games in Laval, the referees who have been in the tournament give back to the referees of the club that was not present. This ensures that all referees in the club can benefit from this training. At the end of the day, everyone wins.


Our referees who participate in tournaments have a better chance of getting into refereeing. First, it is because they are being seen. Secondly, continuous training. Eventually, it gives them extra energy and motivation.


To participate in tournaments, referees must contact the club's Director of Refereeing. One month before the tournament, all referees will receive a message about the next event. This is a big advantage for FC Laval officials.

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