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The purpose of an evaluation is to encourage referees in their work. It is a direct support in the good development of their career, regardless of the level. This is a priority for FC Laval.


The evaluator must arrive thirty minutes before match time. He ensures the punctuality of the referees. He will check the work of the referees before kick-off. The evaluator does not have a mandate to get involved in a match.


During the game, he takes notes on the work of the officials. Depending on the level of the referees, he adapts to their needs. For first-year referees, he will be mainly interested in communication and signals. Nothing prevents us from discussing the other points of the match.


The higher the level, the more the evaluator can be picky about certain details. Referees should expect to speak with the evaluator at least thirty minutes after the game. This is the most important part of the evaluation: the discussion.


It is very important that the referees listen to the advice given. The goal is not to find a flaw, but rather to work together to improve yourself. The perspective of an evaluator is always beneficial for referees.


In 2021, FC Laval conducted more than a hundred evaluations. Our referees are frequently followed in all levels. Evaluation is for all referees.


The evaluator is also responsible for writing a report on the match being evaluated. He normally has 48 hours to do so. It is the responsibility of the club to send the evaluation report to the referees.


To become an evaluator, you must express your interest to your director of arbitration. The selection will be made in collaboration with the ARSL. In principle, the latter will pay the training costs.


The training course lasts two days. Before participating, you must pass a theory and video exam. Usually, this training is in January or February. For more information, you can consult the Soccer Québec website linked below:

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