U13+ Programs






This program is aimed at children aged between 13 and 18 years old during the current year playing in the competitive level A and AA. 

Train to train

  1. Completing technical development against each other (atomic tactics);

  2. Understand and apply a training and game plan; Introducing defensive, offensive and transition basics at age 13. The player must

  3. The teams are divided into sub-working groups according to identified skills; tactically, learning positions and associated roles;

  4. Introduction of physical preparation training according to the needs of the cohort and can involve work by skill as needed;

  5. Presence of tests and team reports that can be used for the distribution of sub-groups or for matches as well as in injury prevention (sports science plan);

  6. Preserve, know and protect the long-term interests of the player;



Quebec Elite Soccer League LSEQ

For athletes who have advanced skills specific to the sport, working to acquire maturity in a match situation by learning to use these skills in various game situations.


  1. Clarify the work to be done and the efforts to be made to reach the next level;

  2. Developing an athletic lifestyle and maintaining a goal-oriented mindset (mental preparation routine added to nutrition and the sound management of physical efforts and injuries);

  3. Maximize tactical development and reaction speed as well as physical preparation;

  4. Present game situations in the training of good challenges;