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Registration 2024

Being a soccer referee promotes the development of oneself at the physical level and one's personality. If you want to push back barriers, work as a team and be in the middle of the action in your favorite sport: it's here.


FC Laval is committed to supporting all its referees in their development. Click here to learn more about referee training:


Step 1:

Apply to participate in the hiring process. You must be 14 years of age or older.
Please complete this form only once.

Step 2:

Select a meeting date with FC Laval. It's time to make your voice heard for an interview.


Step 3:

The selected referees will have to select their training period date. It is given by Soccer Québec and it is for a duration of two days (1 weekend). You must pass the internship to be able to advance to step 4.


Step 4:

Participate in the training of new FC Laval referees. It's half a day where you'll referee your first game ever with us.


Step 5:

You are now a referee and ready to work with as of the last week of May!

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